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Calendar July 29, 2015

Fixed Fee Redundancy Lawyers For Employees Maidenhead, London, Henley, Slough


Talk through your employment law experts and ensure your legal rights are met. If you are unexpectedly made redundant, KLG Law can help. We are experienced specialists in employment law and can assist in your claim today.


Experienced Redundancy Solicitors 

Our redundancy solicitors can guide you through the process from start to finish, offering redundancy legal advice, as well as briefing you on the latest laws and legislation.

Knowing your redundancy rights can make all the difference when it comes to making a claim. This may include issues over redundancy pay, reasons for redundancy and your redundancy notice period.


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Redundancy Legal Advice – FAQs


Below are some of the common questions asked of KLG around the topic of redundancy. You can talk to a member of our team today.

What is redundancy?


Redundancy is a kind of dismissal where an employer is looking to reduce the workforce. This can result in current position or roles changing, or no longer needed. This leads to the situation where team members may be made redundant.


What is the difference between redundancy and dismissal?


With redundancy, often the issue is that the role itself does not exist anymore. This is opposed to dismissal, which is when an employee has provided enough reason to be dismissed by their
employer. You can find out more about unfair dismissals by clicking here.

Can I challenge my redundancy?

Many employees may feel they have been treated unfairly if made redundant. Regardless of situation, an employer must always act fairly in their decision-making process to make you redundant. They must also have genuine reasons for the redundancy. If you are considering challenging redundancy, it is worth being aware of the current laws in place regarding how to make an employee redundant.


Case law has indicated guidance on the steps an employer should take to ensure a fair procedure of redundancy is followed.


This includes:

● Consultation with employees (or their representatives) about the proposed redundancy
● Using fair and objective selection criteria to select the employee for redundancy
● Offering suitable alternative work within the business if appropriate

Your Redundancy Rights: When to make a claim


You may be eligible to make a claim against your employer if your redundancy does not classify as a ‘fair redundancy’.

There are three scenarios where the reason for redundancy will be fair:

● Moving place of business
● Closure of business
● Job duties disappear or diminish

Redundancy Lawyers: How we can help


Kalra Law Group can assist in identifying if you are eligible to make a claim against your redundancy. If you feel your employer has acted unfairly and not suitably taken any of the above steps, contact us today for more.

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