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Redundancy is a particular kind of dismissal that relates to the situation where an employer is looking to reduce the workforce and dismisses an employee because the role that they had is no longer needed.

Many employees feel they have been singled out or treated unfairly in being selected for redundancy. Your employer must act fairly in their decision making process to make you redundant, and also must have genuine reasons for the redundancy.

There are three scenarios where the reason for redundancy will be fair:

  • Moving place of business
  • Closure of business
  • Job duties disappear or diminish

In addition to a fair reason for redundancy, case law has indicated guidance on steps an employer should take to ensure a fair procedure is followed. This includes:

  • Consultation with employees (or their representatives) about the proposed redundancy
  • Using fair and objective selection criteria to select the employee for redundancy
  • Offering suitable alternative work within the business if appropriate

If you feel your employer has acted unfairly and not suitably taken any of the above steps, we can assist you in identifying whether you may have an unfair dismissal claim.

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Redundancy FAQs

Q: Is my situation actually a ‘redundancy’?

A: If your situation does not fall in one of the three scenario’s outlined above where the reason for redundancy is ‘fair’, it is likely to be a sham redundancy. In other words, it is likely that your dismissal is unfair.

Q: Am I protected under the legislation from unfair dismissal?

A: To be protected from unfair dismissal on the grounds of redundancy, you generally require two years continuous employment at the business. However, if you have been selected for ‘redundancy’ for a discriminatory reason or for whistleblowing, you will not need this two year requirement to bring a claim.

The time limit to bring a claim in the employment tribunal is three months less one day for unfair dismissal claims.

Q: I have been told I am ‘at risk’ for redundancy – what happens next?

A: You should receive written correspondence from your employer confirming you are ‘at risk’ of redundancy. This should ideally contain details of a consultation that you are being invited to. This will either be individual or group consultation, depending on the size of the business.

At this stage it would be useful to contact Kalra Legal Group for a free initial telephone consultation, where we could provide you with some insight into whether we feel this is a genuine redundancy or a sham exercise and provide some guidance on the next steps.

Q: What are the selection criteria for redundancy? Can I appeal my selection?

A: The selection criteria will be different in every business. Some businesses may outline their selection criteria in their handbook, whilst others may introduce them at the start of the redundancy scenario.

Examples of selection criteria include: experience, qualifications, disciplinary record, attendance, skill set, etc.

You are entitled to appeal your selection for redundancy.

Q: What compensation am I entitled to?

A: If you have been employed for two years, you will be entitled to statutory redundancy pay. This is calculated based on your age, length of service and wage (capped). In some circumstances a business will have an enhanced redundancy pay policy in place which would be higher than the statutory minimum.

You will also be entitled to notice pay. This will be subject to the terms of your contract but again there is a statutory minimum. Some business will opt to make payment in lieu of notice as a lump sum and others may place you on ‘garden leave’ during the notice period.

Any accrued holiday pay will also be payable.

Q: I am unhappy with the redundancy offer I have received – what can I do?

A: If you have been offered a redundancy by your employer you may be concerned about negotiating a better settlement.

The most important factor for you is that you are given a fair redundancy package which allows you to move on with your life. Our specialist team can assist you in negotiating a fair deal. We can advise as to whether your employer has made mistakes in the circumstances leading up to the offer of redundancy, which may allow you to negotiate a better deal. We can also advise you of what is a fair deal under your circumstances to better equip you for entering into redundancy negotiations.

Our team have assisted a great number of clients with redundancy negotiations, but each case is different. Get in touch with us today for expert assistance tailored to your specific circumstances, and start negotiating a better redundancy deal today.

Q: I have been given a settlement agreement and require an independent legal advisor?

A: A settlement agreement waives the individuals rights to bring certain types of claims in return for the individual receiving some level of financial payment in return. For further guidance please see our page on Settlement Agreement advice for employees.

Contact our team today to book an appointment with an independent legal advisor to execute this agreement. Should you wish to negotiate a higher settlement package, this is something we can explore.  

Looking for further guidance?

We have produced a blog post on ‘How to Handle Redundancy’ which provides additional guidance on redundancy to ensure you are aware of your redundancy rights.

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